I have this theory that there are two types of recent grads.

Type 1: Aware. An aware grad seems to know what is about to happen. He/she most likely all ready has a job or has been completely immersed in finding one for months.

Type 2: Denial. A denial grad is just that in complete denial. He/she is not going to rush finding a job and therefore takes a “small” break after graduation.

Now despite my minor display of sarcasm, I don’t think either grad can be considered better off. I know both types of people who have been successful and not quite as successful. The only reason I bring this up is because tomorrow presents a perfect situation for Type 2.

2012 college graduates have most likely all walked across the stage since last week. Now if you are a denial grad you are probably using something to strengthen your argument for denial. Well, 2012 grads have the golden ticket: Mayan Apocalypse.


So tomorrow at 11:11 UTC (good luck converting that) I will probably be asleep. But when I wake up, I will apply my grinchy smile. Not to bah humbug about the holidays. No the smile, will be for all the denial grads boohooing in their beds. Because while they will each have the rest of their lives ahead of them, they will each also have the rest of their working lives ahead of them. So let me just give an early welcome to the entry-level club (tomorrow) denial grads. And pull up a rolly chair; you will be staying a while.

rolly chair