I am less than a week away from completing 2012. This year has been beyond weird because of all the changes. There is no class and no internship to truly prepare you for the moment you realize this is life.

I spent 22 years preparing for this. Most of those 22 years I spent in a classroom. But I was still not prepared for the moment I chained my self to a desk chair for the next 35ish years.

However, it didn’t truly hit me until yesterday. I wasn’t sad I missed summer vacation. I have been interning in the summer, so it didn’t feel any different. I wasn’t sad I only had two days off for Thanksgiving — even that seemed normal.

No, there is only one thing that truly shocked me into the 40+ hour work week — Christmas vacation. I never realized how much that month of a true do-nothing vacation meant to me until now.


I love Christmas! I mean I really get too excited for Christmas, so the day after Christmas I always like to do something fun to get out of the funk. Well let me just say going back to work was not the fun I am used to.

It is official I have graduated, and I will never get a month off for Christmas again. I will have to ask off for New Year’s Eve, and I won’t be able to take multiple vacations to see family and friends.

So for all of those veteran 40+ hour people who are sick of my mutterings, there is one thing I am looking forward to. Tomorrow is pay day!

When did you have your true entry-level shock to reality?