I am very excited to announce that I just completed my first week as a PR Assistant at 360 Media! I will be working on lifestyle, entertainment and some non-profit clients.

During my first week, I stumbled across a blog post by Ritika Trikha. She pulled advice from herself and other experts about how to make a good impression in your first 90 days. She mentioned your first 90 days being an extension of your interview. You have a chance to truly prove your worth and value.

To me that sounds like an internship. Luckily, an experience I am very familiar with. So I decided to make my 90 days just that — a chance to prove myself. But since I only have three of the 90 completed I thought I would start with a couple of first day tips.

1. Don’t show up empty handed. Make sure you bring all the paperwork you were required to fill out even if you all ready emailed it over. Also bring two forms of identification and a blank check for your tax forms and direct deposit. Finally bring a pen, legal pad and post its. Use the notepad and post its to help you absorb the mass quantities of new information.

2. Come prepared. Do your homework. Look up projects, clients or accounts your company is working on. Do some research, so you can contribute educated questions.

3. Meet people. Remember that elevator pitch you had prepared for networking events? Well bring it out to meet co-workers. You will be meeting tons of people. So fight your bad habit of forgetting names and faces. Take an interest in what they have to say. Hopefully, you will be working with these people for a long time.

4. Use down time wisely. The article I mentioned earlier reminded me of this. When you are alone at your desk, be productive. Organize your things, research a potential assignment or think of questions you might have. Don’t check your personal email or social media networks.

5. Set the communication standard. Set a precedent for open communication between your manager and co-workers the first day. Thank them for assisting you, for a great first day and most importantly ask for feedback when appropriate. You don’t want to be blind sided at your 90 day review. The more feedback you receive, the more prepared you will be.

Do you have any additional first day advice?

One last thing, when you get home celebrate a little. Keep up your excitement and your passion!