You know that section near the bottom of the skill requirements for a job application — the PLUS section? For example advanced Microsoft Excel skills a plus.

Well I strongly believe you should continue developing PLUS skills within your current job; not just when you need to be unique in an interview. Since one of my three New Year’s resolution words was develop, I am going to focus on opportunities to develop those skills.

One of my PLUS skills is photo editing  To really develop this skill I need a new computer and Photoshop/Illustrator. In the meantime, I am also pretty crafty with any free photo editing software out there.

Just yesterday, I was able to do quick edits on a Save the Date graphic with old PowerPoint and new Paint to create an impromptu event flyer for a client. I was ecstatic when my boss liked the turn out.

What kind of PLUS skills do you have that help you stand out from the crowd?

Below are a few that are easy to learn and use to impress:

  1. Stay on top of Microsoft Office updates. Especially learn how to do mailings and Excel functions. The capabilities will blow your mind and improve efficiency. Kevin-Butler-Mind-Blown
  2. Be a part-time spontaneous photographer. Learn how to take the best shots with you iphone, ipad or mobile device. Especially with event work you never know when that skill will be needed.
  3. Learn basic coding. We live in a digital world, so why should you be taken off guard by a simple anchor (hyperlink) code. Here is a good resource.
  4. Don’t be naive about social media. We are the generation who first used Facebook, but that is no excuse to have a knowledge base that starts and ends with uploading selfies. In the very least know your social media guidelines at work and how you can contribute to the strategy. 228720041344462784025_1581942