Since I graduated in May, I have had people ask me what I think of working in PR. And while this is often my answer . . .


A special thank you to 99 Problems But a Pitch Aint One for inspiration and the gif!

The truth is adjusting to the demands of a full-time PR position is not easy. But instead of reminiscing every night about how much fun college used to be make it an adventure!

I have been to Phoenix and Orlando. I have ridden on a race track in a corvette. I have met people from around the world with years of fun stories to tell. I have interviewed a famous Spanish photographer — all because of my experiences in PR. And that is just the beginning.

So instead of considering everyday work and wishing you were back on your college couch watching reruns of How I Met Your Mother, give this new chapter in your life everything you’ve got. College was not the best times of your life. College was four (maybe five or six) years of crazy decisions and a co-dependent lifestyle. Enjoy being out on your own and approach everyday like This Advertising Life so eloquently laid out in gifs:

A special thank you to This Advertising Life for inspiration and the gif!

And accept the adventure (new job, project, assignment, vacation, conference, seminar, etc.) with this enthusiasm!


A special thank you to This Advertising Life
for inspiration and the gif!

This is your life. Don’t envy those people who say they enjoy waking up every morning for work. Be one of those people!

**Did anyone cringe with my Harry Potter (Dumbledore) Hobbit (Gandalf) combo?

What adventures have you been on lately?

I recently went to Nashville (I wish Atlanta had Honky Tonks!) and my first two broadcast shoots!