If you read my post yesterday then you know, I have been wondering how some of my male followers feel about my pins. In celebration of today being Valentine’s Day, I decided to interview two of my close guy friends who also happen to be following their Valentine’s on Pinterest.

Danny is dating my friend, Heather, and I have known him since I was around 10-years-old. He started using Pinterest when he looked at Heather’s boards and found some interesting pins. As a marine, most of his pins are weapon related, but he also has a lot of cooking recipes, Backpacking/camping and a DIY.


Mike is dating my twin sister, Chelsea. He also started his Pinterest after browsing his girlfriend’s pins, and he pins “the best stuff on the internet!” including sail boats, places he wants to visit and future house pins.


Now the fun begins. Here are some questions they weren’t shy to answer:

1. Do your male friends use Pinterest? 

M: None of them, in fact, they make fun of me for using it.

D: I literally do not (personally) know any men who have Pinterest, nor do any of my guy friends want one.

2. What do you think of boards that may come across as very feminine? ie: My Style, Fashion, Adorable

M: It is pretty understandable. I have one too.  Plus, it makes it a bit easier to buy clothes for Chelsea.  I know her style pretty well, but it solidifies the questions I have.

D: With feminine boards like “my style” and “fashion” that most girls put up I just choose not to follow them. I understand that women are into that and have a passion for things like that, which I just don’t share.

3. What do you think of boards dedicated to celebrity crushes and/or do you have one? ie: Celebs I love, My Celeb Husbands

M: Celebs I love makes complete sense.  Women always have celeb crushes.  Celeb Husbands…. Thats pretty wierd.  Not sure how I feel about that.

D: I again choose not to follow those type of boards and neither do I have one. But if someone did have a serious attraction to a particular celebrity, then I could see why they would have that board. I just don’t see the practicality of it.

4. What do you think of future wedding boards? Is that ever intimidating in your relationship? Have you ever discussed the content/pins within a future wedding board?

M: This on the other hand, is a bit weird to me. Never really understood the concept of planning a dream wedding. Chelsea doesn’t have a future wedding board. If she had one, and did talk about it with me, it would be kinda odd. If we had discussed marriage, then it is a perfect planning tool. It may seem a bit hypocritical, but I think they are kinda childish. It seems like something a 5 year old does. I guess that its the same as me planning a house; I’m not sure why its different.

D: Future wedding boards I think are just for girls to fantasize about. I guess you could use it for a few ideas for your own wedding. I try to avoid the subject of a future wedding. My girlfriend has a similar board, and I actually just realized that. I do not follow hers and steer clear of the whole topic.

5. Do you have any Pinterest pet-peeves?

M: Not really, it is a collection of images from around the web. I many times see items that are taken from other places, but I don’t mind as I do that too.

D: I do have a few Pinterest pet peeves, “Glamping” [Glamorous Camping] drives me up the wall because its so impractical and gaudy that it drives me nuts.

Interesting answers guys! But now it’s your turn: Do you agree with their answers? Why or why not?

And lastly I challenge you: Show your significant other your board and ask what they think about it. My boyfriend couldn’t care less. He said, “that looks stupid, and I don’t have time for it.” Exactly how I feel about his deer in my living room! 😉

Happy Valentine’s Day Blogershpere!

Love, Brianna