1. Lazy: That’s right I will admit it. When I get home from work I have been in a battle with myself over the past few months to work out, blog or do something constructive. Instead, I find myself curled up with my puggle and my Apple TV. 

But who can resist this face?



2. New Job: As most of you who care know I started on as a PR Assistant for 360 Media in January. This whirlwind amazing experience has taught me more than any internship I have had (I know a duhh is implied here). And what I have learned: You don’t have to stop busting your butt once you have the job you were hoping for. You have to work even harder! So don’t hold your breathe until you finally get your shot. Prepare for it! 



3. Time Flies After Graduation: I used to think months went by so slowly leading up to vacation days or summer. Then when a year went by I felt like the year flew. Now I have realized time is more like a roller coaster. When I am climbing a hill it drudges on but eventually I will hit an awesome burst of fun and speed. Either way it no longer revolves around how many days until Spring Break. 


4. You Have to Do: It seems like the dreaming stages of life, now, need to be accompanied by the execution stages. I can no longer just dream of a career, a car, a vacation, etc. Now I have to excel in entry-level, save every penny and earn my vacation time. 



5. Life Doesn’t Come Easy for Procrastinators: I think I mentioned this before. But I fight tooth and nail to seem organized and on top of things. Well the truth is that fight will never be over. Because no matter how often I try to act like I can live without a schedule the truth will always come and find me. Calendaring out appointments, bills, work events and even blog posts help keep my world turning.