So yesterday has come and went. For those of us who forget what daunting task is required every year by April 15, a wave of panic has probably already interrupted your normal morning routine. But truth be told I don’t ever really think about taxes or even talk about taxes until HR Block commercials start taking over my favorite TV shows around February. After analyzing their new tactic to compete with online tax services, I move on to jealousy while hearing about my friend’s refund checks. After living through this process then forgetting about it in May year-after-year, I have decided there are 5 types of 20-somethings dealing with taxes.

  1. The “My Parents are in Finance and/or Accounting” Type: This person is always on top of it. Not only does he or she have someone (a paid someone) file, but this person also probably has investments set aside and a retirement plan laid out. This person reminds me I need to get my act together.
  2. The “My Parents Do My Taxes” Type: This person has no clue how to file taxes. All he or she knows is that there is a letter that comes in the mail that must go to mom or dad in order to receive a refund check. This person is your college roommate who you had to teach how to do laundry or make spaghetti.
  3. The TurboTax Ad Type: This person independently discovered an online tax service that he or she uses and then becomes a walking billboard. Come early April, this is the person I am jealous of because of the vacation or new shoes purchased with his/her refund.                                                             Image
  4. The “My Company Does My Taxes” Type: This person is the same person who has a company car, great benefits or a company cell phone. He or she somehow landed the mecca job after graduation, and you still can’t figure out how it happened.
  5. The April 15th Shut-in Type: No matter how many people warned or bragged about their refund checks, this person is still trying to find any last-minute way to file and get this process over with. Sad to say this person is typically me.



How do you handle tax day?