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I had an epiphany the other day while I was down a spiral of pins. I had hit a jackpot, “Celebrities I love,” board and went a little crazy. Next thing I know I received a text from one of my closest guy friends, Danny. He was at his wits-end with my pins. He told me I had to stop posting “dudes” because they were taking over his feed.


Danny’s comment about my pins got me thinking. How many guy followers do I have, and what do they think of my pins (especially the girly ones)? Well out of 266 followers a little over 20 0f them are men. To look more widespread: Jeremy Cabalona did a Mashable article in April discussing how Pinterest demographics have changed.


In honor of Thursday being Valentine’s Day, I decided to interview two of my love stricken male Pinterest followers. I wanted to learn how/if Pinterest affects their relationships, who they follow and what they think of boards such as Future Wedding, etc.


Sound interesting?

Tune in Thursday to see their answers.


After almost two days of saying “I can’t believe it is 2013,” I have decided the year sounds weird. Something is off about 2013. I think it stems from an ancient superstition.

Triskaidekaphobia is the fear of the number 13. According to articles I found on the Wall Street Journal and Newser, the number 13 became unlucky when people started crashing parties of 12. A 13th guy tried to crash the last supper, and Norse god Loki crashed a dinner part of 12.

image friday-thirteenth-supper

Then a lot of other bad stuff happened in years ending in 13, and this all morphed into a fear of Friday the 13th and 13 in general. This fear has become so extensive tall buildings often don’t include a 13th floor,  and some airlines don’t include a 13th row.

(Yes, I know what you are thinking. Just because it isn’t labelled 13, doesn’t mean it isn’t the 13th row or floor. But still it comforts people.)


Maybe the Mayans were just trying to be as prepared as the architects and engineers who prevent us from going to floor 13.

Apocalypse = No Year 2013. Well played Mayans — nice try.

Well only the next 363 days can tell what this year actually has in store. In the meantime I am sticking to my resolution. Who knows? Soon 2013 might roll off the tongue more easily.

What are your plans for 2013 superstitious or otherwise?

For the past 22 years of my life I have had short-term attainable goals and long-term dreams. When I was junior in college I had a short-term goal of getting as far away from Roswell as I could. I had long-term dream of working in communications. Well with HOPE scholarship in hand I traveled to Statesboro, GA to earn a degree in liberal arts. During my junior year of college I wanted to be president of PRSSA, I wanted to travel and I wanted my own car. With help and hard work, I landed an amazing job, traveled to cities across the country, became president of PRSSA and bought my first car.

The second semester of my senior year, I wanted to work in public relations more than anything. I spent every night networking or applying for amazing internships in Atlanta. I had a fantastic senior year that ended with an internship at Porter Novelli and the perfect apartment in Buckhead.

After that internship ended, 2012 became the first year I haven’t been able to articulate exactly what I want. Being a driven person, finding my passion became my short-term goal and long-term dream. I don’t think I am quite there yet. But I take comfort in being 22. I take comfort in the fact that I have plenty of years to figure out.

So my New Years resolution is not a short-term tangible goal. It is simple. I want to enjoy the last month I have of being 22. I want to shatter expectations. I want to strive for a career I am passionate and proud of. But most of all I want remember that this, what I wake up doing everyday is my life. And I don’t want to take a single moment of it for granted.

A photo-ode to 2012 . . .


As a Georgia Girl, I get this question a lot? My sister moved the first chance she got. Some of my best friends moved to chase glamorous jobs. But me, I stayed. For all those skeptics that don’t understand why, I thought I would explain. . .

1. I get to drive in Atlanta! Who doesn’t want to roll their windows down and cruise?traffic_study_vmed_6a_widec_o

(Sometimes, I can cruise at night.)

2. There are great job opportunities in Atlanta!


(Well, if you know how to search for them)

3. We have amazing weather!


(If you can stand the heat.)

Getting jealous yet? The truth is we don’t keep them rooted in the south with just cars, jobs and heat. We have a lot more alluring qualities that have kept me and many others coming back for more!

4. If the Chicken Biscuit was not mouth-watering enough, Chick-fil-A added spice! chick-fil-a-spicy-biscuit-590

5. Sports and Entertainment

121129041850_georgia dome sec

images (3)

images (4)



So you can keep your Pepsi, deep dish pizza, subways, sunset beaches and White Christmas. I will stay with my sweet tea, Cherry Coke, fried chicken, southern accents and game-day dresses. I am not scared to step out of my Southern Comfort Zone; I just want to call Georgia my home.

-Georgia Peach

The Royal Wedding is expected to get plenty of coverage: 8,000 journalists. But there will be more citizen journalism than ever before. In the last Royal Wedding with Prince Charles, journalists and photographers helped shape the romantic atmosphere for the public. Everyone tuned in to hear their depiction of the events.

This Royal Wedding will allow the public to attend and provide their own commentary, literally. The Royals decided to open the wedding up to social media. They even have their own YouTube channel: The Royal Channel.

So go ahead, download the smart phone app, follow the tweets updates (#rw2011), tune in at 10 AM London time on Friday, send best wishes to their YouTube channel and attend the event on Facebook. I know that I will be up at 5am watching and tweeting right along with you.

But why are we so interested in this iconic Royal couple? I personally don’t want to be the only one who didn’t watch. It is news.  But as I tuned in to my morning radio station, I heard the morning talk show hosts debate about whether or not the excitement for the Royal Wedding was un-American. Their argument: We left the British empire, so we should not care. They then said that they understood why women would watch (for the romance and fashion) but not men.

You have got to be kidding me. Un-American because we are our own country! People tune in to our latest news and events from other countries all the time. If you ask me the Royal Wedding will connect people all over the world by integrating social media into their events.

Yes, it is just a wedding ceremony. But when millions (maybe even billions) of people are all watching, reading, and engaging about the same thing at the same time, the wedding will turn into much more than just a ceremony.

Twenty-four hours without sleep can seem like an eternity. Whether it’s an all night cram session for that calculus final, a nurse’s first night shift, a crying baby, or the shortest stick on the cross-country road trip, the only thing slower than those 24 hours is that getting ready process the next morning.

But imagine if you were staying up 24 hours because you could not sleep after your doctor diagnosed you with cancer. I say imagine knowing all too well that many of you have been faced with this situation. Cancer has touched so many people’s lives. So what are you doing to help those families (your own family) with the fear, sadness and hopelessness that they have felt during those first 24 hours?

Join teams from your community to help The American Cancer Society.

Honor your loved ones with luminaries and inspire so many others to Relay. We are not sleeping because cancer does not sleep, and we are fighting for more birthdays.

Relay for Life Bulloch County will be April 29th at the Kiwanis Ogeechee Fairgrounds. Use your 24 hours to make a difference and join us to relay.

My reason to Relay: Merrill King.

Devon King is one of my friend’s from high school. They are sisters that were separated too early because of Merrill’s battle with leukemia. I Relay in hopes that no more big sisters ever have to say goodbye to their little sisters.

What’s your reason to Relay?

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