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If your chapter is not leveraging online recruitment through websites, social media and building communities, you will be left behind.

I am a Kappa Delta from Georgia Southern. In my three years as a Kappa Delta and a public relations major, I’ve learned that we are way behind in the world of PR. I wanted to see if we were the only ones, so I looked up a Kappa Delta’s discussion on facebook to learn what other chapters have done for PR. Apparently, people think PR is baking cookies, throwing tea parties, and playing paintball, which is hardly the case.

While those techniques have worked for sororities in the past, more effective PR techniques exist. Here are my top five PR techniques for Greeks:

  1. Represent your brand. Sororities and fraternities have brands that were created at a national level.Local chapters need to display the same brands with their PR. In other words, be sure to correlate all your websites, social media,signs and other marketing tools on the chapter and national levels. A custom website is a great way to build and develop your brand.


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A trend is not just a popular style of clothing. A trend is not just something that everyone is doing. And a trend is not just a general direction in which things tend to move. A trend is something marketers, advertisers, sellers, retailers, fashion designers and so many others will pay out the roof to know about before anyone else.

So who starts trends?



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