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Admit it! I am sure most of you have stalked friends (or maybe strangers) on Facebook before.

Well social media stalking does not have to be this unproductive skill of our generation. It is time we put those skills to good use. Here are two constructive ways to use your social media stalking skills that may help you advance instead of procrastinate:

1. Job Hunting: First of all if you aren’t on LinkedIn, take a break from this post and sign up! LinkedIn is a fantastic way to “stalk” your way to interview or application prep. What do I mean by this? Let’s go over some do’s and don’ts of LinkedIn.

  • Do: Connect with people  you actually know by sending out a PERSONALIZED invitation.
  • Don’t: Connect with people you don’t know by claiming you were friends.
  • Do: Follow a company you are interested in working for. Familiarize yourself with the people who work there. Find commonalities.
  • Don’t: Creep someone out by memorizing their profile.
  • Do: Find people who link you with a company to get introduced from someone you know.
  • Don’t: [Repeat] Connect with people you don’t know by claiming you were friends.
  • Do: Search for jobs on LinkedIn.
  • Don’t: Just search for jobs on LinkedIn. Most jobs posted on LinkedIn will also be posted on the company’s career site. Be sure you compare the two and make sure the application process is the same. In doubt – apply on the company’s site.
  • Do: keep an updated profile with job history, recommendations, skills etc.
  • Don’t: Treat your LinkedIn profile like your Facebook profile!

2. Pitching, Client Meetings, Etc. 

As an entry-level employee you will most likely be required to write-up a background, research a potential client, create a media list, etc. All of those tasks will require you to use strategic research skills. Well if you were able to find out that Tina’s ex-boyfriend’s brother is divorced on Facebook, you can research people too!

Let’s say your manager asks you to look up someone’s contact information.

  • First if you have a resource such as cision, get the contact information from there.
  • Second, check the person’s company site to verify or find contact information.
  • Then, once you have initial information take it a step further. See if you can get any background that may help your manager or yourself contact the person. (Try checking LinkedIn.)
  • The important thing is to think beyond the initial ask. Will my manager want to contact the person for a meeting, for a pitch, as a potential new client? When you present the information, let your manager know the additional information. Just as Tina was shocked you knew her ex-boyfriend’s brother was divorced, your manager will be shocked you took the initiative.

*Additional tip for tracking down contact information: Don’t give up easily. Call the administrative assistant to get a phone number or email. You can check what contact information other people from the company have and compare. Check LinkedIn or a personal blog for a contact. Try, try again.

I do know that research is a skill that needs to be developed. But isn’t it nice to know you have some foundations to develop that skill already? Do you have any research tips to add? Any Facebook stalking skill you use at work?

– Millennial signing off


Recently PRSA GA put on Shadow Day for PRSSA students in Georgia. When I was preparing for Shadow Day, I went to my boss, Vince Miller, for some advice. Overlooking the jokes he threw in about me, it was actually really helpful.

  1. You know that person in class that you want to throw stuff at? Don’t be that person. 
  2. Don’t talk to much.
  3. Don’t answer every question.
  4. When they ask you a question always answer (with something intelligent — I made this inference from his don’t say something stupid Brianna stare. That is the look he gives me when his boss comes around.).
  5. When someone else answers a question (and you like their answer), tell them good job (for example: good point).
  6. Leave a good impression with every person you speak to. (For me this is the most frustrating piece of advice because I have no clue how to do that.)

When I walked into Shadow Day at MSL in Atlanta. The one thing that continued to play through my mind was my boss’ advice. Even though I may have talked the most in the group (everyone else was painfully quiet way too often), I think it went really well.  I learned so much about PR, agency life, MSL and even tips on how to get a job after graduation. What do you think? Do you disagree or agree with any of his advice? Do you have some advice to add?


Keep a look out for my follow up piece on Shadow Day and the networking event.

I promise once you understand what a QR code (quick response code) is, then you will find them everywhere. Professionals in many fields, friends, family members and even tattoo artists have been jumping on the QR code train. Why? Because they are applicable to almost everything, and they are easy to use. All you need is a smart phone and presto: You are connected to whatever the QR code holds including videos, pictures, text, pay pal accounts, phone numbers, hyperlinks and so much more.

Still not convinced? Check out QR codes I have found.





The world’s first ever animated tattoo via QR code. (Warning this video contains graphic images of a man getting a tattoo.)

At work the other day my boss told me to come up with some interesting ways to put information on the Southern Legacy giving education page. I immediately thought of an infographic, and I was shocked when he told me to give it a try.

First Vision

I first thought of Sweet Heart Circle, a historic area at Georgia Southern. I wanted to washout the background and use the bushes and trees to represent different statistics. When I told this to my co-worker (the only one out of the two of us who knows how to use photoshop and indesign), she warned me that it might not work. Let’s just say she was right. My boss took one look at our results and asked me to start from scratch.

Second Vision

After finding a countless number of infographics as Monopoly boards, I decided to try a Life board. I wanted students to be driving in the Life car picking which direction to go based on where other students have given. This time my boss wanted to teach me how to use photoshop along the way. We spent over two hours tweeking my vision. During those two hours my boss continued saying, “No you can’t do that with photoshop.” Finally I was able to finish up the infographic with photoshop the next day by myself. Here is our result:

After all was said and done I learned these six things about making infographics:

  1. Start out with something simple.
  2. You most likely cannot use photoshop to do everything your creative genius comes up with.
  3. The bigger the original picture the better the infographic result.
  4. Start with one statistic.
  5. Don’t give up, but try other possibilities.
  6. A little practice and patience goes a long way.
My advice to anyone who wants to create their own infographic with absolutely no training in anything graphic design: Get an amazing graphic designer to help you, and keep low expectations at first.

The Royal Wedding is expected to get plenty of coverage: 8,000 journalists. But there will be more citizen journalism than ever before. In the last Royal Wedding with Prince Charles, journalists and photographers helped shape the romantic atmosphere for the public. Everyone tuned in to hear their depiction of the events.

This Royal Wedding will allow the public to attend and provide their own commentary, literally. The Royals decided to open the wedding up to social media. They even have their own YouTube channel: The Royal Channel.

So go ahead, download the smart phone app, follow the tweets updates (#rw2011), tune in at 10 AM London time on Friday, send best wishes to their YouTube channel and attend the event on Facebook. I know that I will be up at 5am watching and tweeting right along with you.

But why are we so interested in this iconic Royal couple? I personally don’t want to be the only one who didn’t watch. It is news.  But as I tuned in to my morning radio station, I heard the morning talk show hosts debate about whether or not the excitement for the Royal Wedding was un-American. Their argument: We left the British empire, so we should not care. They then said that they understood why women would watch (for the romance and fashion) but not men.

You have got to be kidding me. Un-American because we are our own country! People tune in to our latest news and events from other countries all the time. If you ask me the Royal Wedding will connect people all over the world by integrating social media into their events.

Yes, it is just a wedding ceremony. But when millions (maybe even billions) of people are all watching, reading, and engaging about the same thing at the same time, the wedding will turn into much more than just a ceremony.

Tweeting during surgery could change health care. But is is a good or bad thing?

First of all everything health care professionals do will be announced to the public if they tweet during surgery. This means that every decisions can be scrutinized. This also means that suggestions and advice can be given instantaneously. But will this affect how effectively they work? Will the incoming tweets be a distraction? Will health care professionals be too nervous to make sound decisions?

Looking on the bright side patients can take comfort knowing that their team of health care professionals will grow by the thousands. There will no longer be only one surgeon. There will be one surgeon with thousands who can tweet advice in minutes.

The scariest part about all this is privacy. Surgery is dangerous and risky. So why would anyone allow their surgeons to tweet out the process. What if something goes wrong? Do the family members worried in the waiting room really want to read a play-by-play of tweets while their loved one struggles for life on a table?

Grey’s Anatomy has thrown out dramatic twists and turns on the show for years. Tweeting surgery may just be another one of their dramatized ideas. But this idea can and might already be happening. Do you know of any health care professionals who tweet out their procedures? Do you think that this will liberate patients from the secret lives of health care professionals? I guess only time can tell what will happen if this trend catches on.

I have known for a long time now that I need to pay more attention to what is going on in the world. I need to keep up with the news. The problem is I don’t want to read newspapers. I don’t even want to read newspapers online. I have seen some different websites that claim they display the kind of news that I want to see and the way that I want to see it. All of those sites don’t hold my interest. Yesterday I decided to look at a new site Mark Ragan had tweeted about, One Minute News.

One Minute News displays news as videos and stories. The site is very easy to navigate. I can decide the topic of news that I want to watch. I can also look at trending news. The top story is not what a reporter thinks is important. My top story is what my peers think is important.

Most importantly all the videos are 60 seconds. They have a team of people from different professions summing up the new into a concise format. I don’t know about you but I am definitely willing to take 60 seconds out of my day to stay updated.

If you are worried about being able to comment or share the news, you don’t need to be anymore. One Minute News allows you to comment and even tweet your comment. You can also rate topics about the different videos in the polls tab of the website.

On the roadmap tab of the website you can see what they are planning on doing with the site. One thing that I am concerned with is that they have not yet created an app. According to the site, “From smartphones to tablets we’ll be working to optimize our mobile experience as well as build into our social community features for portable bliss.”

Joe Pompeo covered One Minute News in Yahoo News. He spoke to MTV advertising executive Mark Greenlaw who said that their key audience is people from 21 – 35 year-olds. This age allows them to target the portion of generation Y that has an interest in the news. Pompeo quoted Greenlaw saying ”We just really feel that in high school and even in college, the younger members of our generation aren’t necessarily quite there yet in terms of news and being interested in the news. We think that the post-graduate age is the key age.”

They recently launched the site. I think after they are done making their apps and increasing their social network the site will be a hit. If regular news is too boring and clips of news are too cluttered, then you need to check One Minute News out.

So I did not sleep on thanksgiving night. Instead I went to the outlets at midnight — BIG MISTAKE!! It took an hour to get through the initial traffic just to park. Then I had to wait in line at each store. Once I got in the stores I could not see anything because the check out lines wrapped around the clothes. I left empty handed.

But I did not go to bed instead I went to the mall. The mall was also crazy. I bought one outfit but no Christmas presents. I finished off the morning at 4 A.M. at Target. I managed to get all my Christmas shopping done. Still, I went to bed at 6:30 A.M. I love the sales, but I am beginning to wonder whether or not it is worth it.

I did a little bit of digging on other people’s experiences during black friday. I found that my late night did not come close to comparing. At a Wal-Mart a store employee was stomped to death by the crowd.

Guess what? Extreme Makeover Home Edition has come to Savannah! Carmen and Jim Simpson constantly give back to their community. They have three kids Zoe, Katelyn and Isaac. Zoe was born with a life threatening disease. The crew wanted to work with the family to help improve their lives with a more suitable home for their family.

The best part is Georgia Southern students got to volunteer. I helped work the media tent checking people in. At the end of the day I was able to sneak in to the construction zone. I was expecting to see a bunch of celebrities working on a house. What I saw was the community working on the house. It was great to know that the community is the one giving back to the amazing family.

I know that a favorite part for many viewers is the “Move that Bus” scene. I tried to find a good clip of the scene, so you can get the inside scoop before the episode airs in January.

This one shows the family entering the house. (And posing for pictures of course.)

 Check out this video:

All I have to say about that is wouldn’t it be nice if a celebrity could get in a little fight without the whole world caring? This blew up all over the news. To me it sounds like it was all fabricated a little too much. For everyone who has Bieber fever, I am sure this was a huge deal. But to me it is just another invasion of privacy. I’m sure most people will just say that he is a celebrity so his privacy was forfeited a long time ago.

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