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I have this theory that there are two types of recent grads.

Type 1: Aware. An aware grad seems to know what is about to happen. He/she most likely all ready has a job or has been completely immersed in finding one for months.

Type 2: Denial. A denial grad is just that in complete denial. He/she is not going to rush finding a job and therefore takes a “small” break after graduation.

Now despite my minor display of sarcasm, I don’t think either grad can be considered better off. I know both types of people who have been successful and not quite as successful. The only reason I bring this up is because tomorrow presents a perfect situation for Type 2.

2012 college graduates have most likely all walked across the stage since last week. Now if you are a denial grad you are probably using something to strengthen your argument for denial. Well, 2012 grads have the golden ticket: Mayan Apocalypse.


So tomorrow at 11:11 UTC (good luck converting that) I will probably be asleep. But when I wake up, I will apply my grinchy smile. Not to bah humbug about the holidays. No the smile, will be for all the denial grads boohooing in their beds. Because while they will each have the rest of their lives ahead of them, they will each also have the rest of their working lives ahead of them. So let me just give an early welcome to the entry-level club (tomorrow) denial grads. And pull up a rolly chair; you will be staying a while.

rolly chair


As I approach graduation an overwhelming felling of denial has completely taken over. Everyone around me has been sad or excited. However, I wake up every morning go to work and act as if I will be here for a few more years. But in a last attempt to remind myself that college really is over, here is a reflection of this semester.

The best part of this semester was being able to coordinate Y Are You in PR? our PRSSA chapter’s Regional Conference. I could have cried on the day when I saw everyone enjoying the speakers and other events. I started preparing for the Conference May of last year when I researched for the bid. I still can’t believe how amazing everything turned out. Another huge positive was all the work experience I was able to gain this semester. Between my internships and job, I really stopped feeling like a student. I really enjoy working and the respect and accomplishment gained from completing a project.

However, work also led to the biggest low of the semester. I put my time management skills to the test this semester by over packing my schedule. While I did learn how to delegate like a pro, I feel like I truly learned my limit. The word “no” is firmly in my vocabulary. Just because opportunities exist does not mean I need to take everyone one of them on.

For my internship this summer I am going to rely heavily on the skills I learned this semester. I got my first taste in media relations with my Visiting Nurse Internship. I was able to learn about all the event details with Regional Conference and my Career Services Internship. My student assistant position at Student Affairs has left me with a wealth of knowledge from Adobe and Microsoft skills, to working with designers and writing copy for a million different projects. Most of all I have learned what I can handle and how to say no. I feel confident that I am ready to enter the real world and put my skills to use.

“The more you read the more you’ll know. The more you learn the more places you’ll go!” – Dr. Seuss

If I had the money and the time I would take the first flight I could to Greece. I would love to to go stay near the ocean. Going out on a sailboat in the water and riding a donkey into town every morning would be fantastic. To me the ocean is the most calming vacation I can have. So if I could go beyond Greece I would be go island hopping. I would go to Tuscany, the Bahamas, the Dominican, Hawaii and of course Australia. It is all about the beach and the water.

As Millennials we have grown up with technology at our fingertips. And most of us have grown up communicating digitally through AIM, email and especially now social media. In most of my classes I see students pitching ideas and campaigns that surround around social media. It is familiar and an obvious answer to most of us.

But I have had first hand experience trying to sell the idea of social media in my internships. And speaking from experience, other generations are not always sold on the idea. Most of my supervisors would rather resort to traditional communication strategies.

However, I have had luck convincing them to consider social media with research and providing a way to evaluate the social media strategy. For example for my event planning internship at Career Services, I first researched other Career Services that had social media policies and strategies. I used Princeton as my primary source because of the success of their social media strategies. Next, I showed her different evaluation methods such as tracking statistics on hootsuite that would be the most suitable for my supervisor to continue using after I left. After all my hard work, she has now taken the strategies we put together to get approved for budget next year.

After all was said and done the most important thing was to make sure that she understood the return on investment that Career Services could gain from the social media strategy. If you can find the ROI, you can better pitch your ideas.

Boy Meets World!

When everyone else was watching Friends, I was not allowed to watch “adult shows.” My parents kept me under a PG rock as far as movies and tv shows are concerned. So I stuck to the basic shows. My favorite was “Boy Meets World.” I used to watch it every week. When the reruns began, I was hooked all over again.

I would say I hope they bring this show back, but it is still on tv in the early afternoon. ABC Family still runs the show with some of my other favorites such as “Gilmore Girls.” The only problem is that lovely Statesboro, Ga. cable, Northland Cable, no longer offers ABC Family. Soon I will be back in Atlanta, and I will be once again hooked on “Boy Meets World.”

If I could go back to Freshmen year, I don’t know if I would actually change that much. All the decisions I made helped me get to where I am now. If I would do anything I would go to class more often and study a little harder. Sleeping in is not worth bad grades!

The most important thing is to think about what your decisions could do to your future. This is not high school. No one is going to clean up after you besides yourself.

No one puts it better than How Do I Put this Gently?


High School:


I want to make it clear that I do not consider myself an expert. I am a student. I have less than an ounce of experience compared to  professionals who have been studying the advantages and disadvantages of social media on personal and public domains from its beginnings. However for my social media class, I was asked what my opinion was on the advantages and disadvantages of social media. Here it goes . . .


On a professional level social media has opened the doors to a wide variety of interactions with an organization’s chosen public. With social media, professionals no longer have to rely on a less versatile print media. Professionals now have the opportunity to tailor messages to a direct audience through advertising on the correct social media site. Most importantly organizations can build relationships with their key target markets. There is no longer just a concept of relating to the consumer. Now relationships are forming with consumers every day through discussion boards, video posts, etc. Social media has transformed the web of communication.

Personally social media has some huge advantages. I have a group of girlfriends from high school who have now spread out across the country. However, we can never skip a beat of each others lives. With status updates, picture/video uploads, instant messaging, check-ins and so much more, we are all constantly in the loop. My family also has a Facebook group. This allows for the entire Gault Clan to stay up-to-date in our private family group. Social media has allowed me to stay connected.


Professionally social media is a key to the consumer that can not always be easy to find. I hear the phrases “Content is Key” and “Engage, Engage, Engage,” but most often this is easier said then done. Being in a college town, I often see companies jump out of the Statesboro pond and into the social media ocean. They don’t always get eaten, but they often end up getting lost in the sea. Social media is not an easy tool to use. It involves tons of research, experience and time. If companies don’t want to put in the effort, they will most likely not reap the rewards.

Personally social media is developing this growing paranoid reality that “Big Brother” is not just a fictional story in 1984. The technology is out there. The question is — Who is using it? Nothing is private anymore, so what will happen when my generation of drunk college photos has to step up and be President? It seems scary to think about, but the signs haunt me everyday. Every kid who fails to hide their weekend party from their parents Facebook page understands what I mean. Transparency is not just about having a clean professional portfolio. Your personal social media portfolio needs to be clean from the get go; no matter how young you start.

Before I can tell you about my dream job, I need to take you all the way back. Up until high school I knew I was going to be a professional singer. I sang in every choir possible. I always did all of the duets, solos and honor choirs. Then one day I realized that the people who make it as singers and musicians are not just ok; they are great. And I was not great.

So in highschool I decided I wanted to write for magazines. I joined the newspaper. I wrote every fun feature story that I could get my hands on. Then in college I met a professor who changed that.

Most people tell the story about the professor who nurtured their dreams. My story is about the professor who made me realize I did not want to end up like him. Old and bitter about a failed career.

I did some research and every light bulb in the room went on when I discovered public relations. At this point I am new to it. I have done multiple internships, and I know I love the profession. However, I do not exactly where I want to (or will) end up.

Currently I am in my job/internship hunt. The rest is to be continued . . .

Almost everyone I know has a bulletin board or a collage of pictures, food, wedding dresses, destinations, houses and so much more that they dream of. So why not make it digital? Pinterest took the bulletin board in so many people’s bedrooms/offices and placed it online. Now I can not only pin everything I see online, but I can follow my friends pins.

To me the value in Pinterest is the pure genius behind the idea. Pinterest has 11 million monthly veiwers. It is the fastest growing social media network. The fastest growing social media network definitely provides value. But how?

An article by Sakita Holley describes how the 11  brands are using Pinterest. I think these brands have the right idea. The key with any medium is knowing whether or not your consumer/audience is using that medium and how they use it. Restaurants, resorts, hotels, fashion designers are all perfect for Pinterest. But not to push weekly sales or deals like they do in their annoying spam emails. All pinners want is the images. Give pinners a chance to fall in love with a top, destination or unique food and watch how the pin soars.

But my personal favorite pins are the crafty pin ideas that I can do at home. I love to repin things that I would have never thought of myself like at home work outs or fun recipes. Other things that I will repin immediately are great quotes and cute animal photos. I am on Pinterest at least once a day.

I will go on Facebook to check my notifications, but then I will immediately switch to Pinterest. I pin my favorite pins to Facebook as well. Because Pinterest is just more fun and much more visual.

Plus all of my girl friends are on Facebook. The second we meet someone who isn’t on Pintereset; we get that person hooked as well. An addiction is more fun if everyone else is doing it.

However, I don’t know how long Pinterest will last. I thought Facebook would fade away when I first started it, but now it seems like Facebook is not going anywhere. So what about pinterest? Does it have the longevity to make? I guess only time will tell.

My most recent pins (some of which I pinned while writing this post):



Me — “Hey do you want to see this movie?”

My Friend — “I would, but I am trying to finish the book first.”

Me (thought bubble) — “Are you serious!”

That is usually how the conversation goes when I want to see a movie that was created from a book. I hate to admit this, but I am not a big reader. I love reading blogs and short articles on the internet. But if you hand me a fictional novel, I would probably let it collect dust somewhere. That is why, I hate the excuse “I want to read the book first” when I ask people to go see a movie.

When I sit down to read a book, I have to block out every little thing happening around me to concentrate. When I sit down to watch a movie, I turn up the volume so loud no one else can concentrate. I also love the environment of a movie. I love the dark room with a hot bowl of popcorn (the popcorn is always necessary). A movie is — to me — more relaxing.

Of course, I have read a book or two that have been turned into movies. My favorite book to movie transformation — I hate to say it — is Harry Potter. I only got through the fourth book, but something about Harry Potter let’s my nerd side shine through. And to make it worse my second favorite book to movie transformation is Lord of the Rings. Like I said before; I’m a complete movie nerd.

So there you have it one of my secrets. Now I want to know; what is your favorite book transformed into movie? 

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